Why is dōTERRA Different

Creating your dream life where you love what you do, love what you share, and get to make a positive impact doesn't need to be difficult.

It starts here.

pursue what's pure...

Work with a top company, combining life changing products with a humanitarian mission to create your ongoing income.


Are you really living life? Or just paying bills until you die? Many people work so hard and sometimes get so little in return. Maybe you feel like we did awhile ago. It seems that all we did was work to pay the bills. Life revolved around our work schedules. Family vacations took place during the few days we had off each year. When a child was ill we were juggling our schedules to see who could stay home. We were tired of the traffic, stress and worry.

We've put that behind us and have learned how to share with others what has worked for us. Let us show you what we’ve done to be able to support ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Join us for the journey of a lifetime!

Here's How It Works

 Maybe you want a healthier lifestyle, or you want to know how to deal with some of those crazy emotions we all get once in awhile.  Some people want to learn how to create an ongoing income. I've been sharing doTERRA for over 12 years. I know how this works.

Join us and let us teach you what we're teaching so many others!

Step One

Chat with me and we'll figure out together what freedom in your life is.

Step Two

Check out our Team Support page. We have so many resources to help you.

Step Three

Follow short, simple daily trainings to start achieving your desired income!

Be Empowered To Succeed

You're already passionate about health and wellness...
now share it with everyone.